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Les Rendez-Vous Carnot 2017

October 18-19, 2017

Paris, France

Join MSI at the 10th National Rendez-Vous of R&D for Enterprises in Paris, France.

A business fair bringing together all major players in R&D and support for business innovation.

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The First National Academic Session in Glow Discharge Mass/Emission Spectroscopy

October 19-20, 2017

Shanghai, China

Join MSI at the First National Academic Session in Glow Discharge Mass/Emission Spectroscopy organized by The Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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April 16-18, 2018

Berlin, Germany

Join MSI at the fourth International Glow Discharge Spectroscopy Symposium organized by The European Working group for Glow Discharge Spectroscopy (EW-GDS).

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Other News

JASIS 2017

MSI wishes to thank Sanyo Trading Company for a very good JASIS 2017. We are already looking forward to JASIS 2018.

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Announcing GD90 Trace

MSI release their latest high performance glow discharge mass spectrometer

The GD90 Trace features a proven optical platform with innovative modern stable electronics and control. Its superior ion optics provide high stability and ultra-low detection limit capabilities, allowing the GD90 Trace to outperform most instruments in its class.

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MSI Expands Glow Discharge Expertise

Glyn Churchill and DeAnn Barnhart join MSI

As of January 1 2017, Glyn Churchill and DeAnn Barnhart have joined MSI. They bring to MSI over 35 years combined experience with GDMS. Their mission is to bring the GD90 up to standards which exceed all other GDMS instruments.

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